Pond Maintenance

‘A well maintained pond is a healthy pond’

We offer visits: Monthly/ Bi- Monthly/Quarterly/1/2 yearly/Annually.

During these visits we would carry out the following:

  • Clean the pump – de scale if required
  • Clean the filter
  • Change the UVC bulb – de scale quartz if required
  • Check gaskets on filters and UVC – replace if required
  • Remove blanket weed
  • Treat for algae infestations – if required
  • Carry out a water quality test
  • Vacuum or net out debris and silt from the base of the pond
  • Cut back aquatic plants – during Autumn visits
  • Divide and re-pot aquatic plants – as required
  • Carry out a visual health check on the fish – if present
  • Fit a pond cover net – if required
  • Clean waterfall – if required

Maintenance visits are charged by the hour + VAT. All materials used during the work are charged for as extra + VAT.

Please note: For Health and Safety reason we always work in a team of two

So if you need some help in caring for your pond do give us a call. We can do the dirty work so you can relax and enjoy it.