Pond Cleaning

A complete pond cleaning and maintenance service to private and corporate clients in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire area.

At Women With Waders our experience includes everything from cleaning small domestic garden ponds to large aquatic features in the grounds of corporate premises.

In an enclosed aquatic environment, the correct balance of plants, fish and filtration is very important. Most ponds require completely cleaning out every 4-5 years, and when left unmaintained for long periods of time, a pond becomes unpleasant in both appearance and odour, and is a health hazard for your aquatic life.

Plants become overgrown and fish waste, leaf and organic debris build up. The decomposition of this debris gives off toxic gases that can severely stress or even kill your fish. Black sludge forms in the water and an oily film develops on the surface, further endangering your fish by depriving them of the oxygen they need to survive. Underwater plants can also die, due to lack of light.

To find out how our pond cleaning service can transform your garden pond, and to see what our past customers have said about us, please have a look at our pond cleaning examples page.

When cleaning your pond, we take the following steps:

  1. Some of the water is pumped out to make it easier to catch the fish
  2. The fish are kept safely in a holding tank of pond water for the duration of the cleaning along with any wildlife
  3. The aquatic plants are carefully removed from the pond
  4. The remaining pond water is pumped out of the pond
  5. The black sludge in the bottom of the pond is either pumped out or removed by hand and placed onto the garden. This is an excellent organic fertilizer.
  6. The pond liner is pressure washed and all debris removed
  7. Aquatic plants are divided if necessary and re-potted
  8. The pond is refilled and a declorinator added during the refilling
  9. Aquatic plants are returned to the clean pond along with the fish and other wildlife after a health check.

Pricing for Pond Cleaning

Each pond is unique in design, size and stocking levels. It is therefore necessary to carry out a site survey of your pond before a pond cleaning quote can be given. The survey is free of charge within a 25 mile radius of our premises in Langley, Hertfordshire. Charges will be made to visit outside this area, however, this amount will be deducted from the final bill if the quote is accepted. Please visit our estimate page if you would like to obtain an estimate of how much it would cost to clean your pond.

At the moment, Women With Waders only offers our pond cleaning service in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire.

Watch our video for a demonstration.