Our Staff Guide to Pond Cleaning

All our experienced professional staff adhere to the following Guide to Pond Cleaning, which is their constant reminder of the standards they must meet:

(Watch our video if you’d like to see us at work!)

Women With Waders motto: Attention To Detail

  • First thing to do is get plastic sheeting down to protect the customer’s lawn.
  • Be careful where you put your feet! Look out for creatures underfoot.
  • Try not to trample down plants or knock bits off trees and bushes.
  • Always get in and out of the pond where it will cause the least damage and avoid wearing a path across the customer’s lawn when walking back and forward.
  • Do not leave the pump unattended while it is running and always watch the end to make sure no stones, fish, frogs, big bits of debris are sucked up – fish and frogs will be munched and stones will damage the pump.
  • When cutting plants out, be careful of the liner – try to cut away from it and watch for any cables embedded in the roots.
  • Keep compostable waste separate from recycling waste – have one bucket for each to keep it all together.
  • Always wash all kit after use and put it back neatly where it belongs – coil hose, blue hose, black pipe, airline and extension cable neatly.
  • Clear up any mess made when planting at the back of the vehicle, sweep the back and the area underneath.
  • Polythene sheets need to be swept and rinsed before being folded.
  • Rinse and sweep down any paths or patios we have dirtied.
  • Tidy everything away except a dustpan, brush, bucket and net for final tidy ups.
  • When everything is tidied up, do a last check over the area and pick up from the lawn any bits of plant, stone or whatever was not there before we came.
  • Any mess we make, we have to clear up!

We aim to carry out the job as quickly and professionally as possible.

Attention to detail is what sets us apart from other companies. Always leave the garden as we found it and treat it as you would your own garden.